Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in Pictures

Hi Dad, this one's for you! You asked for more pictures, and you got 'em!
We have had a fantastic Christmas break.  
Our only regret is that we couldn't bring our whole family to be here with us.
The Sunday before Christmas
Cheater's Gingerbread Houses
Someone found the frosting
We were lucky to open some presents a day early on Christmas Eve from Nonna and Babbo! 
They sent this awesome swing, which we plan to hang higher soon, but couldn't wait to get it swinging!
Our version of Christmas Eve "Dinner for the Holy Family" 
Then to our own live nativity.  Here you can see the Angel appearing to the shepherd.
Mary and her confused baby 
The Holy Family (as captured by our guest) 
Christmas morning the first present was this train table so we didn't wake up baby girl who had a rough night.
But when she woke up, she was ready to go and caught on very quickly!
Three excited peoplets patiently posing for a pre-present picture
Stocking loot examination 
Tiny Tim
My amazing present from Andrew--a piano!  
Ben's "something to eat:" CHEESE! #chocolateface
Mickey "lightsavers." Given from a friend, yet one of the most popular (if dangerous in the hands of my children)
Evelyn's top pick--toothbrushes 
Christmas Bliss
Little Bea reading "Little Bea"

A homemade notebook for a true writer
Abraham worked hard one day to earn money to buy these shoes for Evelyn.  She was very excited. 
He also put everything he could think of that was his in a large ducky gift bag for his brother. 
Post Present Embrace 
Evelyn received Jessie, completing our Toy Story collection 
Abraham aged three years when he received his first piano instruction book.  If he's ever a concert pianist, we'll be using this picture again.
Benjamin meeting his dragon. 
Christmas night dinner: the kids ate first and then we took our time while they played. 
Dinner was followed by a stirring rendition of "Jingle Bells," 
We then had a lovely little carol singing, including two cellists and a violist, all very good musicians.  I was holding a new baby, playing with my baby, and sitting by a three month baby during the concert.  It was heaven for me.
I wrote on my other blog about what we did today, if you're interested!


Rachel and Micah said...

Congratulations on your piano and the other lovely Christmas gifts! I have too many favorite pictures to name, but Evelyn's expressions are priceless. I love how your boys give so generously to each other.

Nonie said...

I love seeing this happy Christmas Day. Merry Christmas, Marshalls!

Did Abe get that piano book for Christmas? Wonderful!!

Jan Marshall said...

O my heart. What fun. Can I come swing on that cool new Argentine swing?

Wish I could have been at your Christmas evening musical gathering. How lovely. I'm not sure where your energy came from by the end of that day, but its lovely that you ended that way. Love your new piano, and Abe's excitement to learn.

Thank you for the pictures of all you little snug bugs at Christmas time - so precious. What a wonderful, loving, faith filled family.

Camerzi said...

Evelyn's "cheese" smile is probably the best picture I've ever seen. Beauty queen.

Wish we could have joined you! What wonderful traditions you've established!

Lark said...

I can't help but laugh out loud when I see these pictures, especially some of them :-). Laurel says she can verify that, if needed. This blog post is one of the best gifts of Christmas! Much love to you all!

Lark said...
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Whitney Hardie said...

Ariel! I love your piano!! It's splendid. Really, these photos have got me looking forward to our next visit together.

Celeste said...

Love the post-present embrace and Abraham's Christmas bliss! So fun seeing all your great photo documentation!

lori said...

What happy Christmas moments and what beautiful children!! Thanks for your sweet comment a couple of weeks ago! It was truly wonderful to hear from you! totally made my day! Happy New Year, Friends!!