Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Wonderful Pregnancy

One thing that has surprised me about pregnancy is the kinds of things people say to pregnant people. Throughout the whole pregnancy, as a general rule, people look at me with a very concerned look on their faces and ask me if I'm okay. When I respond in the affirmative, they seem surprised, and often give me an additional opportunity to complain, by asking if I have specific symptoms. More recently, the most frequent comment is, “Wow! I can tell you’re ready to POP!” I don’t know how to respond to that. No, I’m not ready to pop. I sure am excited to have a baby, but there are a lot of things I will miss about being pregnant. It’s true that I have been blessed with an unusually comfortable and easy pregnancy, from beginning to end. Some people are sick the whole nine months, and it truly is a great sacrifice. I guess it just makes me sad that the expectation is that pregnancy is just an uncomfortable, painful, even miserable state that is nine months long. In my case, at least, it has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Every discomfort and pain serves as a reminder of the new life being created, and the new friend that will come into the world. Here is a list of a few of my favorite things about pregnancy:
• Seeing the positive sign on the pregnancy test
• Keeping the little growing baby a special secret between me and Andrew for a few weeks
• Telling our moms (at a lunch) and dads (at work)
• Telling the rest of our families on Thanksgiving
• Hearing his little heartbeat for the first time (don’t worry, we recorded it. It can be heard at the end of the song Andrew wrote for Ariel this past Valentine's Day)
• Reading week by week about the progress of the baby (this week he has fingers! Oh- he just lost his tail!)
• Thinking of all the things to do with a baby- take him to the zoo, to the cabin, snuggle up and read a book together, take naps together, ad infinitum
• Feeling him move for the first time
• Seeing him on the ultrasound- It’s a… BOY?!? Watching him stretch, yawn, drink, kick, and wave his hands and feet
• Seeing my tummy start to expand
• Feeling him move all the time, and get stronger and stronger
• Talking to him, hearing Andrew talk to him and play the cello for him
• Thinking and praying about his name
Watching him move
• Feeling him get the hiccups :)
• Finally coming to a conclusion about his name
• After week 32 he has stayed in the same position, so I always know where he is. I love feeling his little feet in the same place every day
• Getting more and more confident that he is safe, and could come out anytime, and likely without any complications
• Feeling my body prepare for the birth
• Learning about the sacred birth process
• Preparing the house for a third little person
• Packing for the hospital
• Expecting our little friend any day!
Bodies are amazing!! This is such a divine process, and my testimony of the Plan of Salvation has been strengthened by cooperating with God in this wonderful creation. There are some discomforts associated with pregnancy, but they are nothing to the great joy and wonder I experience every day.


Andrew and Ariel said...

You're amazing love! I think your positive attitude coupled with God's grace have propelled you cheerfully through this pregnancy. I admire you so.

Laurel said...


I loved that. Every minute being pregnant with you was a joy, too. I remember it very well!

Eliza said...

Beautifully said. It is such a joy and privilege to help God bring his sons and daughters to this world! I'm so happy to have such an opportunity again (see my blog if you haven't lately!). And oh the joy when you hold your baby for the first time. Like you said, it really is sacred!

Have a happy delivery Ariel!

Candace said...

I am so excited for you both! I am sure that you will make great parents. Best of luck to you!

Liz said...

Thanks for the reminder about the joys of pregnancy and childbirth. For me it is definitely easy to get caught up in the more negative side of pregnancy. 6 month long sickness, restless leg syndrome, etc. But all in all, it is a beautiful and sacred thing. Feeling the baby move inside you has to be one of the best things!

Vella said...

A nice read. Love the optimism. Can't wait to see the results. (What do you mean "change your vote" after seeing the tallies. Egad! I'm glad you don't run national polls.)


canyouhearme? said...

reading this post makes me sooo excited for you! in contrast to the way you said people usually respond to you being pregnant, my mom mentioned that she happened to bump into you a few days ago. she really emphasized to me how absolutely great you looked. :)

SO WHAT'S THE NAME!?!?! do tell!

also, although i haven't seen speedracer (i don't remember the last time brian and i actually saw a movie in a theater), i googled the sparky character and- you're right! i can totally see the resemblance! i think it's a combo of the dark complextion, dark hair, and light eyes. that, plus brian's always wearing this mechanic jumpsuit that he loves, so that may have something to do with it as well. ;)

Scott and Natalie said...

Hey nine days to go! You are amazing. I was such a complainer the last month. when I had nine days to go I really only had two, so yay it is so close for you any day now really! I just wanted to tell you thanks for the e card! you are so prompt I am still trying to get everyone my thank yous. I just wanted to explain that the binkis are lincoln's favorites and they are the only one's he will take, and Linc loved the ring-a-links so much! I hung them on his carseat when he was two months old and he loved looking at them and taking swings at them, now he loves to grab em and put them in his mouth. Good luck with everything! I can't wait to see baby boy marshall!

Megan said...

You sure make pregnancy sound fantastic. It's nice to hear the positive side to it, because usually all anyone shares is how miserable they have been. We are so excited for you! Any day now... Yay!

Spencer & Sierra said...

Man, I wish I was pregnant.


Scott and Natalie said...

ok So I know that you have probably already received a lot of advice, but I was making a small list for another friend due in July of some of my favorite things.
1. Those binkis I gave you and ring-a-links
2. a binki connector. I didn't use one for the first month and I don't know why, it is a life saver!
3.disposable wash cloths(huggies ones)
4. (kiddopotomus) swaddling blankets the ones that velcro shut, to keep their little hands from waking them up at night.
5. mylicon. Some people swear it doesn't work, but I swear it does. It probably depends on the baby.
6. wee essentials baby booties! These will not come off his feet I swear.
7. pampers swaddlers diapers (for the first little while) and pampers sensitive wipes, they keep their little bums from going raw.
Well these are the things I couldn't do without when he was newborn. Good luck!!! I am sooo excited for you guys! Any day now Yay! Maybe scott, linc and I can come visit you before we head back to CT in August!