Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marshall Family Vision, Mission, Values

 I spent last week in Nemacolin, PA as part of the Excellence in Government Fellows program.  It's a government leader training program that the Partnership organizes and oversees.  Last week's session focused on visions, missions, and values.  I really like this topic.  I loved studying it in the MPA program (and we actually started these statements a year ago around that time) and am glad that we formalized them this week for FHE.  So, for the sake of transparency and accountability, we share them here.  And a special, sincere thank you to Whitney Hardie for taking these wonderful pictures. 

Marshall Family Vision
We, the Marshall family, envision ourselves in the presence of Heavenly Father and the Savior with clean hands and pure hearts, able to enter His presence worthily along with our extended family and others we love.
Marshall Family Mission
We will reach our lofty vision by embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, loving Him and our neighbor, preaching the Restoration, linking generations through temple work, helping the poor, and making and honoring temple covenants. 

We will act as good stewards over our children, those who we are called to serve, our time, our resources, and the earth. 

We will seek to recognize the power of the Atonement and remember Him in all of our thoughts, words, and actions.         

Marshall Family Values
The Marshall Family Values will serve as the inner drive for the execution of the activities delineated in the mission statement.
Further Light and Knowledge

Above all we know that only through the grace of Christ can we achieve our vision. 


Lark said...

Take us with you!

Ashley said...

You guys are awesome.

Abby said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I loved the pictures too:)

Meredith Marshall said...

Hey, we didn't get any email alert about this post! I loved reading it. Cam and I started working on our own family constitution last week (before I read this)! There must be something in the air.


Amy said...

I love this! I read a book that talked about writing a family mission statement as well as creating a vision for where we want our family to be in thirty years. It was such a neat exercise. For awhile we were reciting our mission statement every FHE, but we kind of fell out of the habit; maybe we'll have to start that up again. It's nice to have a regular reminder.
Ariel, we stopped at your folks' house to trick-or-treat the other night, but we just missed them (your sister was on treat duty). Tell them we say hello!

Nikki said...

Beautiful - the pictures and the mission statement.